Critical Incident Reporting

28th March 2022

Not all severe suffering is predictable – sometimes it can occur due to an unplanned, critical incident. The Critical Incident Reporting System in Laboratory Animal Science (CIRS-LAS) has been set up to enable users to add unplanned events to a database (anonymously, if required). The aim is to achieve a constructive, open and transparent error culture in laboratory animal science.

The CIRS-LAS database is open to contributors worldwide, to enable mutual learning and to help prevent avoidable incidents from being repeated. It is searchable by different keywords including species, incident type and disease model. We think it looks useful to browse through and reflect on whether there is a risk of any of the incidents, and how this could be reduced. Many would also be useful examples within education and training. It is easy to report incidents, and of course the more entries there are, the more useful the database will be.

CIRS-LAS is available in English, French and German at 

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